Carper Business Automation is a leading provider of business software consulting and development services to small and mid-size businesses in the United States.  We specialize in customizing, enhancing, and integrating business software packages, with primary focuses in ERP/Accounting (NetSuite, QuickBooks), CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM),  e-Commerce (AbleCommerce), and Point-of-Sale systems (Clover).  We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing exceptional, truly personal service to every client we serve, and by maintaining a consistent focus on our six core values throughout every client interaction:

  • Innovation – we commit to designing robust, high-performance solutions that are as unique as our clients and their businesses.
  • Forethought – we commit to always design our solutions with the future in mind, so they can quickly adapt to changing needs.
  • Efficiency – we commit to work efficiently, and to build efficient solutions that perform and scale impressively.
  • Communication – we commit to communicate clearly, attentively, proactively, and candidly with our clients and our colleagues.
  • Integrity – we commit to always be honest and candid with our clients and colleagues, regardless of possible negative effects.
  • Exceptionalism – we commit to reject complacency, and strive for excellence and perfection in everything we do.

Since we were founded as “Carper Technology Solutions” in 2006, we have always treated every client like family.  We derive great pleasure in being part of every one of our clients’ growth and success, and, unlike many of our competitors, who focus only on profits, we know that when we keep our primary focus on helping our clients thrive, we thrive.  With that in mind, we are always striving to keep prices as low as possible, without sacrificing quality.

We hope you will give us a chance to earn your business, and show you all of the ways we can help your business run smoother, and be more competitive.  Contact us now to learn more about how the services Carper Business Automation provides can help transform your business!